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Mission & History


Mission: Rescue, Recover, Resurrect, Discover


Caravaggio & Contemporary is an art and research center located in the Palazzo Museo Bourbon del Monte within the Umbrian town of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. The center, co-founded by art historian and conservator Dr. Roberta Lapucci and art advocate and public relations specialist Jane Adams, seeks to foster the intersections of nature, science, art, and music. Situated in the rolling hills above the nearby town of Città di Castello, Caravaggio & Contemporary offers students and visitors the opportunity to enjoy an array of art exhibitions, concerts, symposia, festivals, readings, lectures, and special events in an idyllic natural setting within a prestigious and historical residence.


As well as offering a dynamic program of cultural events, the center is also home to several important archives and collections. The Technical Archives of Roberta Lapucci, the Caravaggio Foundation Database, ­and the Richard Fremantle Modern Art Collection are all housed in the Palazzo. Within the center, artworks are actively being restored, documented and archived, further adding to the collective body of research and cultural material.


Caravaggio & Contemporary provides a center for learning and discovery while fostering a dialogue between art of the past and present in the heart of Italy.


Caravaggio & Contemporary is located in the historic former residence of Cardinal Francesco Maria Del Monte. As a close friend of Galileo Galilei, Ambassador to the Medici Family in Rome, and primary patron of the young Caravaggio, Cardinal Monte was responsible for instructing the budding painter in the subject of natural philosophy. 


The Center reflects many of the Cardinal’s diverse interests including art, astronomy, music and optics. The formation of the center arose after Dr. Roberta Lapucci, one of the foremost authorities on Caravaggio today, organized several successful symposia in the Palazzo over the past several years. Recognizing the unique combination of culture, history, and natural beauty, the center was formed with the goal of building upon and celebrating the science, history, and art, which has flourished in the region for centuries.