Palace Museum Bourbon Del Monte

Palace Museum Bourbon Del Monte
5 rooms and bookshop; ancient and contemporary artworks
June 2, 2021

“Reopening of the Palazzo Museo Bourbon del Monte”

The five exhibition rooms on the ground floor of the Museo, which are currently occupied by a series of archeological artefacts and material both historical and ethnographic related to the surrounding land and the Del Monte family, will be rearranged with a more modern perspective/point of view in mind.

Masterpieces of contemporary art will sit alongside ancient objects.

A book- and gift-shop will contain writings and memorabilia dedicated to the Summer events.

Sculptor Gabriele Vicari will reveal a bust of Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte and ‘bozzetto’ of Galileo Galilei.

 Jewellery designed especially for the events of next summer will be made available by Marina Calamai.

Publications by Richard Fremantle and Roberta Lapucci will be on display in the bookshop, alongside the Atti (Deeds) of the past conferences Evidenza Caravaggio and Territorio Goya, as well as leaflets with information on the Palazzo and the Region.